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> And in this time you may have written one yourself.
> Also saw your post on Freeswitch mailing list.
> Nothing is free in this world.
Asterisk is Free, So is Freeswitch and so are hundreds of thousands of open
source projects which are million times more sophisticated than this tool
I'm talking about. It's funny for people to come back and say stuff like
"Nothing is free in this world" after being on the forums of an extremely
sophisticated and powerful piece of software which is 100% free. If
developers of Asterisk and FreeSWITCH can be generous enough to give their
software for free, then it wasn't that far fetched a thought that there just
might be someone who has written a tool to do this and doesn't mind letting
others have it, to then customize it or improve it and in a very likely
scenario having made improvements, they would've/could've given it back to
the community.

I have mentioned in numerous replies that I'm not looking to be spoon-fed
but just seeing if someone is willing to share their efforts. If only I was
a developer, I would have possibly written it myself. But even then, it
wouldn't hurt to see if I could reduce my dev time and efforts by building
on someone's existing solution.
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