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Matt Riddell lists at venturevoip.com
Mon May 9 18:08:19 CDT 2011

On 10/05/11 6:28 AM, A E [Gmail] wrote:
> Hi All,
> new to the list. Wondering if anyone has / knows of, a good rate
> importer tool that can be used to standardize and normalize the
> ratesheets / rate decks etc. obtained from various carriers so they can
> be analysed and imported into a DB or be saved as a CSV or something?

We've done it, but just for our ITSP platform.

Even then, it still can require tweaking.

We provide an Excel import field.

The system imports the Excel file and shows the fields on screen for the 
first few rows.

It then asks you what field contains: Dest Name, Dest Number and Rate.

Once it's done that it asks you for any tweaking of the numbers required 
from E164 formatting (i.e. some providers expect you to dial 00XX where 
XX is the international code, others require 011XX etc etc.

It then asks you for an across the board markup on their rate and what 
the currency is.

There is an option to update exchange rates.

It's a pretty complicated system but works.

We maintain buy and sell rates and there is an option to convert between 
them when you import new buy rates - although the buy rate might change 
because of route issues, the sell rate always stays the same.  The sell 
rate is different for different rate plans.

I'm not sure how useful our code would be for anyone else as it is just 
formatting the data for use by our LCR + Weighting AGI scripts, but I'd 
be happy to provide anyone else with assistance if they're looking at 
writing one.


Matt Riddell

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