[asterisk-biz] wholesale VoIP providers using Asterisk

Jorge Bellas jbellas at cat5com.com
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Don't let the level of activity on this list influence you either way. It's
in its death throes for reasons having nothing to do with Asterisk or the
wholesale termination market. 


If you have good products (rates and quality) there are prospects here.
Please contact me off list at your convenience to discuss. 




Jorge Bellas

jbellas at cat5com.com 



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I used to be involved with an Asterisk-based LCR provider, but I've been
away from the list for 5 years or so.

This mailing list looks very quiet, whereas it used to be very active.  What
happened?  Has the wholesale termination market dried up because it's gone
mainstream?  Or is Asterisk dying out as a LCR platform?  Is anyone still
making money terminating calls?






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