[Asterisk-biz] global numbering plans

trixter aka Bret McDanel trixter at 0xdecafbad.com
Fri Nov 25 16:35:56 MST 2005

I have compiled the last of the info that I had and I now have a 43MB
CSV file (3.5MB compressed) containing about 579,887 entries.  The
information includes each country, whether its geographic (and where),
mobile, premium, etc.  Even have short codes (like 911/999 for emergency
etc) for each country where available.  

I didnt do a dialplan format yet, and am not sure that I will, the
original list was 5500 and that wasnt that bad to edit out the parts you
wanted, but this is different, people would spend more time editing I
think.  If anyone wants it and cant figure out how to write a script to
parse the CSV lemme know and I will do something.

I make no warantees about the accuracy of this data, it most likely does
have errors, use at your own risk.  If you do spot an error, omission or
other issue with the file let me know and I will see about fixing it.

Note: winzip can deal with .gz files

This list also should correct some problems people had with incorrectly
matching entries by using wildcards, it pads with X's to ensure proper
number length.  I also removed the generic country code entries as those
would match anything in the country and largely are not good for
anything - if you dont know about a specific call's cost you prolly dont
want to route it :)

Trixter http://www.0xdecafbad.com     Bret McDanel
UK +44 870 340 4605   Germany +49 801 777 555 3402
US +1 360 207 0479 or +1 516 687 5200
FreeWorldDialup: 635378
http://www.sacaug.org/ Sacramento Asterisk Users Group
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