[Asterisk-biz] Need a cheap DID in Las Vegas

Preston Garrison preston at mailblocks.com
Tue Nov 30 15:58:20 MST 2004

Hey did you find someone to do what you needed, I know we can provide 

Preston Garrison
direct: 877-748-4142
fax: 310-774-3901
cell: 602-430-3705

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Subject: [Asterisk-biz] Need a cheap DID in Las Vegas

Right now I'm looking for a provider that can port a cell phone number 
to Las Vegas over to their system and can then either call forward it 
to a
South Florida number, or they can just send it to me via IAX or SIP. If 
can't port, I'm willing to get a new number there. BroadVoice says they 
this feature on their website but don't really have it as of yet.

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