[Asterisk-biz] RE: information of large sites running asterisk/digium

Francois Lambert francois.lambert at aheeva.com
Mon Nov 29 11:25:07 MST 2004

Hi Carlos,

We are running a call center with 4 Asterisk servers (10 T1 + 1 Channel
Bank). We have internally 240 agents using IAX Softphone with uLaw

We have 200 inbound agents and 40 outbound agents. 

We know that our architecture is scalable to go up in the 1000 agents
and more.

Hope this help.

Francois Lambert
Atelka Inc.
Tel. : 514-448-4905 #2200
Cel. : 514-570-4797

Hello all:

I have a potential customer who wants * for his (rather large) project, 
but is enquiring about references or success stories on other large 
sites.  Fair enough, he doesn't want us to "try" this technology on his 

We have done small installs (between 5 and 20 users), but this is not 

This project is about 120 lines out to the PSTN (ISDN) and between 120 
to 250 internal extensions, zap and/or IP.

In summary, could someone please feedback to us, off list  or  back to 
the list, about actual productions scenarios where * has been installed?

I appreciate very much your help,

Carlos Hernandez

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