[Asterisk-biz] VOIP project

Christian Savinovich c.savinovich at itntelecom.com
Mon Nov 29 11:02:37 MST 2004

   I will be happy to supply you all information you request to your private email (which I am doing now) and anyone else interested.   The overall information is:

   -  Software upgrades have been ditributed for over 12 years
   -  Over three thousand licenses sold, 80% in the USA, and the rest in Europe, Africa, and Latin America
   -  Supports All PBXs and most IP Gateways.
   -  We have developed several solutions for call shops, from one booth gas stations with virtual pbx, to 30 booth shops with multiple pbxs.
   -  For customers with multiple sites, we have a central office control module, which allows monitoring and control of all sites.
   -  30 day free trial.
   -  New version applies to anyone with a PBX who wants to monitor phone usage at their companies, hotel rooms, etc.

Very Truly Yours
C. Savinovich

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