[Asterisk-biz] asterisk server colocation

Matthew Simpson matthew at txlink.net
Sat Nov 27 11:38:50 MST 2004

>Next in line would be a carrier who's not checking SPEWS as a way
>to filter their business email;  2 months and counting now that I've been
>trying to get ahold of Matthew...


I don't want to start an RBL/SPEWS flame war in the Asterisk biz forum, but 
if your provider is on the
SPEWS blocklist, you can always call us via telephone.  We publish our 
number on our website and are happy to speak with customers via telephone.
I also have an alternate email address, matthew_txlink at hotmail.com, but I 
have noticed that hotmail uses
SPEWS and will redirect your message to my bulk folder which I am trying to 
train myself to check more often.

It is sad that spammers have managed to ruin email for just about everyone.

Matthew Simpson
TxLink Communications

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