[Asterisk-biz] asterisk single line configuration $$$$

brett-asterisk at worldcall.net brett-asterisk at worldcall.net
Tue Nov 23 21:01:22 MST 2004

Kevin Brown wrote:

>I have a single line box.
>It has redhat 9 and all rpms and stuff installed.
>I would like to use it for terminating voip traffic.
>My home--> Internet connection dsl-->>staic ip ASterisk box--->>>Single
>pots phone line.
>I will pay via paypal, also need a LATA list installed if you ahve one for
>los angeles lata calling, also need to setup one client on a win2k box
>I can give ssh access to asterisk box (it is a web-email server be
>careful), and realvnc to my box.
>Must have references.
>No back doors, no porn-spam serving.
Hey Kevin,
I can help you out.
Please contact me if you are still interested. I'm listed as a 
consultant on the asterisk wiki:

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