[Asterisk-biz] For sale : Snom, cisco, Mitel

Michael Devenijn Michael.Devenijn at dkma.be
Tue Nov 23 14:52:50 MST 2004

Again but readable for everyone

For sale : 

2x Snom 200  

2x Snom 220  (1 has a software problem but is still under guarantee,
bought directly from Snom)  
200eur ,150eur for the one with the problem

2x Mitel 5055

2x Cisco 7905 

1x Cisco 7940 

The whole bundle : 1400eur

All phones with SIP image, and not older than 1 year (I don't remember
exactly the purchase date but could do some research)

We used these phones to make a selection and do some tests with our
solution so you could consider they have been rarely used

We are located in Belgium. 

Feel free the contact me off-list 

Michael Devenijn

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