[Asterisk-biz] Asterisk Business Termination -- VOIPJET

Scott Laird scott at sigkill.org
Tue Nov 23 09:14:25 MST 2004

On Nov 22, 2004, at 8:32 PM, alex at pilosoft.com wrote:
> Uhhhhh, I think that's a serious stretch right here.
> a) realiability of internet router doesn't hold a stick to reliability 
> of
> a proper class 4 or 5 switch.
> b) even if you compare to an average PBX (definity or something), it is
> much more stable than your router (which can get ddos'd or worse) or 
> your
> carrier's IP link (again, ddos, misconfigurations, and in general, it 
> is
> not designed for 100% availability simply because there are more
> "things" the router is doing compared to a stupid PBX).

I don't know about that--at my previous employer, we had 2-3 telephone 
outages per year that largely prevented us from making either incoming 
or outgoing calls for part of a day.  The exact problem varied from 
outage to outage; sometimes it was circuit problems, sometimes it was 
Qwest losing our DIDs, sometimes it was Nortel PBX problems.  Our IP 
connectivity was rock-solid.

Of course, our business was selling rock-solid IP connectivity, so it's 
not an entirely fair comparison.  Still,  I don't have a very high 
opinion of most mid-sized corporate phone systems.  I don't have a very 
high opinion of Verizon or Qwest, either--your switch can be 100% 
reliable, when when the people that program it keep giving away your 
DIDs, it looks a lot like an outage to me.


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