[Asterisk-biz] asterisk server colocation

Matthew Simpson matthew at txlink.net
Mon Nov 22 21:20:41 MST 2004

Hello list,

Our company has been offering Asterisk Server colocation, and we would like 
some feedback from the * community on colo.

1. What would your ideal Asterisk colo provider offer ?

2. Would you rather colo Asterisk servers that you supply or would you 
rather lease servers provided by the colocation provider?

3. What is the biggest reason you're not already colocating your Asterisk 
[cost? availability? distance? etc.]

4. What is the number one thing that would turn you off about a potential 

We're offering the following features and would appreciate any feed-back, on 
or off list:

* Tier 1 Data centers -- no "basement IT", our premeier buildings are 1950 
Stemmons Freeway, Dallas TX [infomart] and 2323 Bryan Suite 700 [our own 
colo, not shared -- same floor with MCI and Qwest] Dallas, TX

* xLEC access -- We are a CLEC and can give you TDM trunks or IAX/SIP VoIP 
access into our network as well as access into the tier 1 guys such as 
Qwest, MCI, SBC, etc.  Connections directly to carriers with no loops saves 
you money!

* Quality bandwidth -- We have multiple providers coming in to both 
buildings dedicated to VoIP, servers aren't sharing bandwidth with webhost 
farms. We are carrier neutral so you can bring in bandwidth from other 

* Support -- If your CPU fan dies on Christmas Day, we can send a tech to 
replace it.

Thanks for the input!
Matthew Simpson
Txlink Communications

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