[Asterisk-biz] Can some one help me to become a voIP provider ?

alex at pilosoft.com alex at pilosoft.com
Mon Nov 22 11:12:16 MST 2004

On Mon, 22 Nov 2004, Kanuri, Seshu (Company IT) wrote:

> Have you stopped using Miscrosoft products and Windows? If you are not,
> your time is up for some self actualization.
What in the hell is self-actualization?

What does microsoft have to do with this? Sysmaster violated GPL (thus
stealing money from Digium that they otherwise would owe). Digium are
people who make Asterisk possible. It is utter madness to pay a cent to
Sysmaster while they are in violation of GPL. Even once they square things 
off with Digium, I wouldn't deal with them - a company that screws over 
its vendors will screw over its customers.

> No one is recommending buying and supporting Sysmaster and make them
> rich. Someone here is trying to find a Billing solution that can do what
> he wants to do. If you have an alterantive suggestion, suggest please.
Yes, you could also rob a bank and pay for it that way. But I won't.



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