[Asterisk-biz] Can some one help me to become a voIP provider ?

Greg Boehnlein damin at nacs.net
Mon Nov 22 11:15:38 MST 2004

>>Why should Asterisk users knowingly support a company for one product
>>when that company is deliberatley and knowingly abusing Asterisk, the
>>community and the GNU Publice License in another? Companies without
>>ethics should be boycotted. Sysmaster is one of those companies. They'll
>>never see a dime from myself or my customers. Period. Even if they
>>square things w/ Digium, that  doesn't erase the fact that they lacked
>>the ethics to do the right thing in the first place.
>>Similarly, those that reccomend Sysmaster products or align themselves
>>with that company will not receive my business either. Think about it.
>>Who you sleep with says alot about your personal character and choices.
>Have you stopped using Miscrosoft products and Windows? If you are not,
>your time is up for some self actualization.
>No one is recommending buying and supporting Sysmaster and make them
>rich. Someone here is trying to find a Billing solution that can do what
>he wants to do. If you have an alterantive suggestion, suggest please.

You are avoiding the issue. You are reccomending a solution from a company 
that is knowingly abusing the community, the GPL and Digium and therefore 
aligning yourselves with them. That is a very, very poor judgement call on 
your part, and calls into question your position and your ethics. Do you 
not understand how this has a negative impact on your company's image?

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