[Asterisk-biz] Can some one help me to become a voIP provider ?

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Mon Nov 22 11:14:46 MST 2004

I think that Michel got what we really need.

Currently, our customer base is small.. We can not justify to buy a 
expensive billing system to manage them.  However, we are aware that if we 
do not have any kind of more modern billing system (currently we are doing 
the billing manually) we can not growth. Resellers are the way to growh, 
and we want to have a web site that can interface with our customers and 
even our own resellers, with a billing interface and the possibility to 
sig up for accounts, check calls, etc.

Some voIP providers already offered us a hosting service, including 
hosting for billing. But the main problem is not the setup fee, but the 
limitations of the service offered. Few of them make them on spanish (I 
need them on such as language), and most of them, do not even offer 
competitive prices for the traffic. So, I am not paying only for the 
"hosting" of the billing, but also I am paying higher costs for each 
call......  Also, I can not have my own resellers, neither customize the 
web site so it shows my logos and business info to the people that wants 
to check their bills, setup accounts, etc.

Again, I do not care to pay for a solution that allows me to fullfill the 
request mentionated before. Even I do not mind to host the service 
elsewhere if I have all the feautures explained.  If some one could me 
offer a "reselling programs" that fullfill my requeriments at a reasonable 
price, please contact me.  On the other hand, if you can develop a 
solution for my needs,  I would be glad to pay for the services or 
development needed to do it. 

thks to everyone for your time and attention,

"Michael Young" <myoung at netlogic.net> 
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RE: [Asterisk-biz] Can some one help me to become a voIP provider ?

I actually think this is what they are trying to avoid:

Write one or pay someone (not me) to write one. 

Ideally, each VoIP provider would buy or write their own billing system
that did everything they wanted to do. But someone who is interested in
servicing 100 customers or less can't justify the investment.
Outsourcing is also a great idea, but is typically only available to the
largest providers at a reasonable cost. There is a reason why the Nuvios
of the world insist on billing the customer directly. 

We outsource our billing, and have written into our contract to the
outsourcing company the ability to private label sets of the bills for
our wholesale customers.


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