[Asterisk-biz] Can some one help me to become a voIP provider ?

Greg Boehnlein damin at nacs.net
Mon Nov 22 10:57:04 MST 2004

On Mon, 22 Nov 2004, Kanuri, Seshu (Company IT) wrote:

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> >  Sysmaster has a Billing solution called Voicemaster. And as everyone
> should know SysMaster is based on Asterisk.
> > Get a clue people, use the power of Asterisk. 
> Jeremy McNamara
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> VoiceMaster is the Billing Solution not their Asterisk based SIP
> gateway. The Asterisk based PBX cum SIP Gateway is called SM7000. SM7000
> is not a billing solution nor does it have one. SM7000 uses VoiceMaster
> as a complimentary 
> solution for its Billing and Vice Versa.
> I agree that we should use the Power of Asterisk but where is the
> billing solution that can do what iTarnser wants to do?

Why should Asterisk users knowingly support a company for one product when 
that company is deliberatley and knowingly abusing Asterisk, the community 
and the GNU Publice License in another? Companies without ethics should be 
boycotted. Sysmaster is one of those companies. They'll never see a dime 
from myself or my customers. Period. Even if they square things w/ Digium, 
that  doesn't erase the fact that they lacked the ethics to do the right 
thing in the first place.

Similarly, those that reccomend Sysmaster products or align themselves 
with that company will not receive my business either. Think about it. Who 
you sleep with says alot about your personal character and choices.

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