[Asterisk-biz] seeking US DID's (Netweb Group)

Yair Hakak yhakak at gmail.com
Sun Nov 21 03:59:47 MST 2004

yes, this seems to be the same genius who didn't read my email and yet
managed to reply offering me something i don't want.
maybe he thinks that enough ridiculous messages like this and we'll
all sign up to buy his taiwanese OEM phones and hope he gives us $10
back later instead of discounting like a normal business.
a website-in-a-can that no one bothered to customize, a business run
off a yahoo email account...the professionalism just keeps piling up.


On 21 Nov 2004 19:13:38 +0900, Hermann Wecke <hermann at wecke.com> wrote:
> Netweb Group, Inc. wrote:
> > Let me know if you are interested.
> I'm interested to get a reply for ANY of my SIX messages sent so far to
> your yahoo email...
> Or just say, once for all, that you can't provide technical support for
> your customers. For your reference, these are the messages I sent so far:
> 03:35 PM 11/7/2004      Re: IAX2/SIP termination
> 06:57 PM 11/8/2004      Re: IAX2/SIP termination
> 08:29 PM 11/10/2004     Re: IAX2/SIP termination
> 10:59 PM 11/11/2004     Re: IAX2/SIP termination
> 12:19 PM 11/18/2004     Re: IAX2/SIP termination
> 10:04 PM 11/18/2004     Re: IAX2/SIP termination
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