[Asterisk-biz] RE: Max number of Digium FXS analog telephone lines in one box

Dan Branco (LCL) dan.branco at ngco.com
Fri Nov 19 09:13:09 MST 2004

> Can anyone tell me where I can find out information on the limits of
> Digium
> hardware?   What is the maximum number of Digium FXS analog telephone 
> lines
> that can be configured in one server?   The Wildcard TDM400P takes up 
> one
> PCI slot and has 4 lines.  So I assume that the limit is the number of
> available POCI slots times 4 (lines).  Is this correct?

I posed this question to Digium months ago. They recommended not using
any more than 3 TDM cards per machine. I suspect IRQ conflicts are
probably the main issue. I can't get more than 2 working in an IBM X345
server at the moment. Trying to initialize the driver with the 3rd card
installed causes the machine to reboot.

Moving forward I will look at channel banks for anything requiring any
more than 8 fxo ports. Feel free to contact me off list if you want to
discuss further.

Dan Branco

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