[Asterisk-biz] certified by asterisk?

Bruce Komito brucek at bagel.com
Wed Nov 17 09:40:11 MST 2004

Another way you can improve your chances of penetrating the Asterisk
market is to make it easier to buy your products.  To start with, I can't
tell if I'm interested by just looking at your web site, because there are
no prices.

Bruce Komito
High Sierra Networks, Inc.
(775) 236-5815

On Wed, 17 Nov 2004 alex at pilosoft.com wrote:

> On Thu, 18 Nov 2004, gloria wrote:
> > We've been in VoIP market since 2001, and we are the largest lower end
> > IP phone manufacturer, and our phones work very well with asterisk. We
> > hope to introduce our ip phones, FXS/FXO, gateway to the huge asterisk
> > based SPs, how can we do it? Is there any certification or something?
> Nobody really cares - you are just another of 100 sellers of OEM'd
> equipment.
> If you in fact do your own development, you should start the process by
> supporting IAX protocol (asterisk native voip).
> That being said, a "good word" on asterisk mailing lists is much better
> than any certification you can imagine.
> -alex
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