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Dorn Hetzel asterisk at dorn.hetzel.org
Wed Nov 17 08:11:18 MST 2004

Well, it's a minor point, but the cellular carrier still doesn't know
for CERTAIN what state or locality I am in.  If I stand 5 feet over the
state line from Texas in Louisiana, and make a call, and use a cell
tower in TX to do so, I suspect the carrier has a minimal chance of
guessing that I am actually in LA...


On Tue, Nov 16, 2004 at 03:31:58PM -0700, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Kanuri, Seshu (Company IT) wrote:
> >What is the difference? You can carry your Mobile Phone anywhere in the
> >country, like many of us do and the taxes are billed as per the address
> >on the bill.
> Actually, they are not. They are billed as per the "service address" on 
> the bill, which might not be the same as the "billing address". That's a 
> minor point, though.
> The difference is that if you carry your mobile phone to Texas and use 
> it to make or receive calls, the wireless carrier knows with absolute 
> certainty that you were in Texas. If they chose to do so, they could 
> apply taxes based on the location the calls were made from/to, not the 
> billing address. If the taxing authorities in Texas chose to implement 
> their laws in such a way that the wireless carrier was _obligated_ to 
> charge Texas taxes on calls that had at least one leg in Texas, they 
> would have no choice but to do so, because they _do_ know where the 
> phone was when the call occurred.
> In VOIP-land, we don't know where the phone is. In fact, there could be 
> multiple phones, in different states, all using the same VOIP service 
> account at the same time. At _best_ we can charge taxes based on the 
> billing address, or some "service address" that we ask the customer to 
> provide us, so we do.
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