[Asterisk-biz] Is Nufone still in business?

Bryan Mannos bmannos at gmail.com
Sun Nov 14 14:47:14 MST 2004

> I just signed up in Nufone two days ago.
> and they sent me a email with setup data good for nothing
> I have check and recheck the config files in iax, sip and extensions many
> times without result
> my account look to works cause I can login without problem
> but when I try to call I get only this error
> 403 forbidden
> I donk know what to do, how is posible that I can login, and after that I
> can not place a call?
> I sent a message to nufone and got only a ticket number, but not answer
> is anybody working in nufone ?
> Can someone help me
> --
> Ernesto


Considering NuFone's systems are automated, I doubt you got bad
information for your setup.  You're not offering much on the side of
where it's failing either (403 forbidden is not much to debug).  Have
you done a search of the user mailing list with your symptoms before
assuming NuFone is the problem?

My NuFone #s are working fine (inbound & outbound).  Their
instructions are simple, but they also assume a working knowledge with

Feel free to forward your iax.conf & extensions.conf to me directly if
you'd like some help (please remove passwords from accounts)


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