[Asterisk-biz] Looking for A-Z rates.

Paul Rodan asterisk at glitch.cc
Fri Nov 12 16:03:43 MST 2004

How is Voipjet's customer service? Although, as a tech, I can vouch for
NuFone's overall quality and reliability, my superiors very much dislike the
amount of time it took me to get assistance from NuFone.

I'm thinking Voipjet as primary and nufone as secondary.

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> Sergey,
> Our rates are posted on our website: www.voipjet.com
> About as inexpensive as you get for high quality calls.

I can personally vouch for the quality of voipJet's service.  They &
Nufone top my list of reliability & quality.  I use nuFone for my 800
inbound.  Both great providers.

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