[Asterisk-biz] looking for asterisk developers for an exciting project.

Netweb Group, Inc. netwebgroup at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 10 22:17:36 MST 2004


I have signed a contract to develop and deliver a Message
Call-Out prototype application with simple Call Manager (to
View the calls) to be completed and delivered in the next 2-3

I am looking for developers who can build this in New York/ New
Jersey, using the Asterisk as the Platform and available tools
on it like Message Call Out, Festival (for Text to speach) and
the IVR for Message Delivery and DTMF recongnition .

Asterisk Server shall be the base for this. I am willing to
employ two people on the job for 2 weeks, and extensible to 3
weeks. If the prototype is successful, I have 2 months to
deliver a fully functional "Message Callout and Delivery
Service Application System". This is going to be an exciting
project. Imagine this app calling your home in Florida, in the
middle of a Hurricane and asking you "Here is a message from
Storm center. Please press 1 if everyone in your home is OK.
Press 2 if you have a problem and need assistance."

Here is the technical need:

1) Netweb Group's Client will deliver a .WAV file to a unix
folder on asterisk box, using VoiceXML and some tools they

2) This application has to take that Voice message file and
send to a number of extensions, which will be asked some IVR
questions contained in the Voice File(s). Many such files may
be streamed as necessary. 

  Ex: do you use BarSoap in your home? 1=yes 2=No

3)That information from DTMF has to be stored to a Sybase
database under Linux. If this prototype is successful, we have
a 3 to 4 months project lined up for the full version.

Let me know if you can do this as a team effort working for
netweb Group, Inc or on a fixed price basis ?

Seshu Kanuri

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