[Asterisk-biz] looking for asterisk development partners.

Race Vanderdecken asterisk at vanderdecken.com
Mon Nov 8 09:08:19 MST 2004

I am currently doing Asterisk SIP development if you are looking for
VOIP stuff. I have made major enhancements to chan_sip.c and the radius

I have done CDR, RADIUS, GKMTP, Dynamic Dial plans, find-me, follow-me,
Authorizations and that kind of stuff, currently geared toward web based
billing and call routing. ( I also do Rrdtool enhancements.)

Race Vanderdecken
Asterisk at Vanderdecken DOT com

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I am currently looking for partners (specifically developers)
interested in starting up an asterisk based service offering. I've had
3 false starts and this time around I have investors lined up and 2
contracts waiting to be executed. I just can't seem to find people who
aren't flakey or extremely ADD. (ugh).

I'm looking for development partners.. not employees. 

contact me at strategicminds at gmail.com
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