[Asterisk-biz] * used as solely for a call centre

Nick Bachmann asterisk at not-real.org
Thu Nov 4 23:42:56 MST 2004

Steven Moon wrote:

> Hi All,
> We are a small company based in Australia.  We are looking at new call 
> centre software and one that has come to the surface is *.  There 
> seems to be a lot of company's that have used this as part of their 
> call centre but have still relied on other backbones (eg:Avaya).  I am 
> keen to hear from anyone who has implemented this as a total call 
> centre solution.

Hi Steve-

I'd guess that most people who are backhauling with another switch are 
using * for all of the callcenter tasks, since it is very well suited to 
call center operations, while a traditional enterprise PBX is more 
familiar to the average business user.  From my experience, you should 
have no trouble with an all-Asterisk call center, especially with the 
advent of tools like astguiclient and 
http://demo.xcept.it/xc-ast/index.jsp which reduce custom programming 
for your site, reducing costs.


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