[Asterisk-biz] SATA Drives RAID 1.. and Asterisk .. someone?

Tony Nichols tony at mail.applog.com
Thu Nov 4 13:15:58 MST 2004

I've been using a lsi megaraid in raid5 for a couple months now. Easy to
setup and .... so far so good.

t o n y
On Thu, 2004-10-21 at 20:48, Darryl Ross wrote:
> Michael Welter wrote:
> > Carlos Hernandez wrote:
> > 
> >> Hello all:
> >>
> >> could someone please mention your experiences with SATA or IDE RAID-1
> >> installations for Asterisk?
>  >>
>  >> I need to recommend a hardware solution.
>  >>
>  >> This machine will only have a TDM card and a few IP phones..to start
>  >> with,
>  >> but they might grow.
>  >>
> > Don't do software RAID.  When it becomes necessary to re-sync a drive, 
> > it pegs the processor, and voice "quality" is terrible.  N.B.  An 
> > abnormal shutdown will cause a re-sync.
> We've just built a couple of machines based around the MSI P1-102A2M with a 3.0GHz Prescott and 
> 2Gb RAM. With Hitachi 250Gb SATA hard drives we got a RAID1 sync rate of 55MBps sustained, with 
> the CPU usage not going over 5%. It did a mkfs.ext3 in under 4 minutes.
> I don't think the  "don't use software RAID on any important machines" mindset is valid any 
> longer. Perhaps back in the days of P2s and P3s (kernel 2.2 days), but modern machines have 
> enough headroom to not even worry about it, and the software RAID support in the later 2.4 
> kernels is very good.
> Information on the system is at 
> http://www.msi.com.tw/program/products/server/svr/pro_svr_detail.php?UID=551
> > I've had good luck with 3Ware PCI cards.  Stay away from SIIG cards.
> We have also had a good experience with the 3ware cards (7506-4 and 7506-8). The only issue we 
> have had with them is that for RAID5 they were slower than the software RAID5 on my P3-1GHz! 
> For RAID0 or RAID1 they absolutely fly though.
> Regards
> Darryl

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