[Asterisk-biz] Is Nufone still in business?

Jeremy McNamara jj at nufone.net
Tue Nov 2 19:47:41 MST 2004

Ronald Wiplinger wrote:
> See, how wonderful this list works !!
> 2 weeks I got nothing from NuFone, just a ticker number. I sent a message back 
> with the words:  "Hallo, anybody at home"
> No answer again.
> A short message to the list, and within seconds I got an answer to my original 
> message. I could test to setup and it worked!

As I said in response to your email to this list, I responded to your 
email in just over 24 hours.  I received your TDMA message back and 
responded to it as well.

> Since I have your attention, ...
> I ordered a 888 number, and since it did not ask me how much I have to pay, I 
> just filled in 25 US$.
> Does this mean, that for each call out and each call in, I pay now 0.02? and 
> no monthly basic fee? (7.5 US$ seems only to be for the Michigan number, or 
> also for the 888 number?)

At this point, there is no monthly fee for our toll-free numbers.  This 
fact may change if we are not able to successfully re-negotiate our 
interconnection agreements with our carriers. I am not expecting any 
changes anytime soon.

Jeremy McNamara

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