[Asterisk-biz] DIDs and Termination in Poland

Felix Deierlein fd at ePyron.de
Mon Nov 1 07:49:12 MST 2004


we want to start our business in poland. Later on we would like to cover
We have our own * box with one PRI and some BRI lines running. At the moment
our internet connection is not very stable and has no QOS, but I would like
to change that soon.

For starting we need 4 DIDs, it should be 2 diffent pairs..
The first DID of a pair should be voice with IAX/gsm or if our connection is
not avaiable via PSTN. The second should be inbound fax and it would great
if you could terminate it and send us tiff-mails.

In the beginning there should not be much traffic, but it will increase

If you are interessted, please send pricing informations and setup time to
fd at epyron.de


Felix Deierlein

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