[asterisk-app-dev] Call recording using ARI

Jakub Wietrzyk jakub at wietrzyk.com
Fri Sep 19 20:05:50 CDT 2014

Hello everyone, first I'd like to say that I'm in love with ARI.

I have almost finished my second (first one was using AMI) node.js
asterisk application using ARI, but I still have some problems.

I'm trying to record Channel or Bridge using ARI call - with no luck
so far. I think I tried everything:

- recording both bridged channels separately via ARI
- recording whole mixing bridge via ARI (log show, that ARI-Recorder
channel is created)
- AMI Monitor action on channel created with ARI (got permission error)

In ARI scenario I'm sending REST POST to start recording with only two

/channels/CHANNEL_ID/record { name: 'AoMsxpDcAE7g2kdii', format: 'wav' }


bridges/BRIDGE_ID/record { name: 'AoMsxpDcAE7g2kdii', format: 'wav' }

In both cases I got response: {"message":"Internal Server Error"}

Additionally: In asterisk debug it shows "Unrecognized recording error".

I have no more ideas. What should I check to make it work? I'm using
Asterisk 12.5.0

Best regards,

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