[asterisk-app-dev] Pops when starting/switching audio files

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Fri Sep 5 06:27:15 CDT 2014

Krandon wrote:
> Hello my friends,
> I seem to be hearing a "pop" when starting audio files or restarting
> audio files through the ARI interface.
> Here is a link to an example: http://bit.ly/WhguWi
> Any ideas why this may be? I thought it may be because of artifacts in
> the WAV file, but I've tried with mp3 and ulaw exported.

What happens if you do a Playback, Wait, Playback in the dialplan? What 
about a Playback and a Playback? Does the same thing happen? Can you 
provide a wireshark capture of the RTP?

The underlying issue might be that whatever you are connected to doesn't 
like gaps in the media flow, which can happen with Asterisk.

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