[asterisk-app-dev] Prototype voicemail application using ARI and Node.js

Samuel Galarneau sgalarneau at digium.com
Thu Sep 4 10:51:44 CDT 2014


I'm writing to announce that we have ceased development on the voicemail
prototype application we elicited feedback on previously. We will be
applying lessons we learned along the way to implement a voicemail
application using Node.js and ARI. Before I go into details as to where we
are headed, let me mention that feedback is still welcomed. As with the
prototype, all work will be published on our Github profile [1]. Please
feel free to comment, create issues, or submit pull requests as we continue
to work on a new voicemail application using ARI.

In light of the prototype we created and the lessons we learned along the
way, the following changes will be applied to our new approach:

- functions returning object literals with closures to support private data
as opposed to multiple layers of prototypical objects.
- the data layer will be organized by methods operating on given tables
instead of grouping all methods together in an implementation of a large
- the data layer will do more work to dynamically build objects from
database records as opposed to hard-coding fields (this will require naming
- finite state machines will not pass on the responsibility of implementing
business logic by emitting events. Rather, the finite state machines will
drive all business logic.
- the voicemail and voicemail main applications will be separated into
separate applications.
- along with voicemail and voicemail main, the data layer, mailbox,
authentication, and other abstraction layers will be separated into
individual git repositories acting as node modules to be included in the
voicemail and voicemail main applications via git url dependencies in
packages.json. The modules will be independent and contain their own tests.

[1] https://github.com/asterisk/


Samuel Fortier-Galarneau
Digium, Inc. | Software Developer
445 Jan Davis Drive NW - Huntsville, AL 35806 - USA
Check us out at:  www.digium.com  & www.asterisk.org
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