[asterisk-announce] Asterisk 11.9.0 Now Available

Asterisk Development Team asteriskteam at digium.com
Wed Apr 23 11:52:04 CDT 2014

The Asterisk Development Team has announced the release of Asterisk 11.9.0.
This release is available for immediate download at

The release of Asterisk 11.9.0 resolves several issues reported by the
community and would have not been possible without your participation.
Thank you!

The following are the issues resolved in this release:

Bugs fixed in this release:
 * ASTERISK-22790 - check_modem_rate() may return incorrect rate
      for V.27 (Reported by Paolo Compagnini)
 * ASTERISK-23034 - [patch] manager Originate doesn't abort on
      failed format_cap allocation (Reported by Corey Farrell)
 * ASTERISK-23061 - [Patch] 'textsupport' setting not mentioned in
      sip.conf.sample (Reported by Eugene)
 * ASTERISK-23028 - [patch] Asterisk man pages contains unquoted
      minus signs (Reported by Jeremy Lainé)
 * ASTERISK-23046 - Custom CDR fields set during a GoSUB called
      from app_queue are not inserted (Reported by Denis Pantsyrev)
 * ASTERISK-23027 - [patch] Spelling typo "transfered" instead of
      "transferred" (Reported by Jeremy Lainé)
 * ASTERISK-23008 - Local channels loose CALLERID name when DAHDI
      channel connects (Reported by Michael Cargile)
 * ASTERISK-23100 - [patch] In chan_mgcp the ident in transmitted
      request and request queue may differ - fix for locking (Reported
      by adomjan)
 * ASTERISK-22988 - [patch]T38 , SIP 488 after Rejecting image
      media offer due to invalid or unsupported syntax (Reported by
 * ASTERISK-22861 - [patch]Specifying a null time as parameter to
      GotoIfTime or ExecIfTime causes segmentation fault (Reported by
      Sebastian Murray-Roberts)
 * ASTERISK-17837 - extconfig.conf - Maximum Include level (1)
      exceeded (Reported by pz)
 * ASTERISK-22662 - Documentation fix? - queues.conf says
      persistentmembers defaults to yes, it appears to lie (Reported
      by Rusty Newton)
 * ASTERISK-23134 - [patch] res_rtp_asterisk port selection cannot
      handle selinux port restrictions (Reported by Corey Farrell)
 * ASTERISK-23220 - STACK_PEEK function with no arguments causes
      crash/core dump (Reported by James Sharp)
 * ASTERISK-19773 - Asterisk crash on issuing Asterisk-CLI 'reload'
      command multiple times on cli_aliases (Reported by Joel Vandal)
 * ASTERISK-22757 - segfault in res_clialiases.so on reload when
      mapping "module reload" command (Reported by Gareth Blades)
 * ASTERISK-17727 - [patch] TLS doesn't get all certificate chain
      (Reported by LN)
 * ASTERISK-23178 - devicestate.h: device state setting functions
      are documented with the wrong return values (Reported by
      Jonathan Rose)
 * ASTERISK-23232 - LocalBridge AMI Event LocalOptimization value
      is opposite to what's expected (Reported by Leon Roy)
 * ASTERISK-23098 - [patch]possible null pointer dereference in
      format.c (Reported by Marcello Ceschia)
 * ASTERISK-23297 - Asterisk 12, pbx_config.so segfaults if
      res_parking.so is not loaded, or if res_parking.conf has no
      configuration (Reported by CJ Oster)
 * ASTERISK-23069 - Custom CDR variable not recorded when set in
      macro called from app_queue (Reported by Bryan Anderson)
 * ASTERISK-19499 - ConfBridge MOH is not working for transferee
      after attended transfer (Reported by Timo Teräs)
 * ASTERISK-23261 - [patch]Output mixup in
      ${CHANNEL(rtpqos,audio,all)} (Reported by rsw686)
 * ASTERISK-23279 - [patch]Asterisk doesn't support the dynamic
      payload change in rtp mapping in the 200 OK response (Reported
 * ASTERISK-23255 - UUID included for Redhat, but missing for
      Debian distros in install_prereq script (Reported by Rusty
 * ASTERISK-23260 - [patch]ForkCDR v option does not keep CDR
      variables for subsequent records (Reported by zvision)
 * ASTERISK-23141 - Asterisk crashes on Dial(), in
      pbx_find_extension at pbx.c (Reported by Maxim)
 * ASTERISK-23336 - Asterisk warning "Don't know how to indicate
      condition 33 on ooh323c" on outgoing calls from H323 to SIP peer
      (Reported by Alexander Semych)
 * ASTERISK-23231 - Since 405693 If we have res_fax.conf file set
      to minrate=2400, then res_fax refuse to load (Reported by David
 * ASTERISK-23135 - Crash - segfault in ast_channel_hangupcause_set
      - probably introduced in 11.7.0 (Reported by OK)
 * ASTERISK-23323 - [patch]chan_sip: missing p->owner checks in
      handle_response_invite (Reported by Walter Doekes)
 * ASTERISK-23406 - [patch]Fix typo in "sip show peer" (Reported by
 * ASTERISK-23310 - bridged channel crashes in bridge_p2p_rtp_write
      (Reported by Jeremy Lainé)
 * ASTERISK-22911 - [patch]Asterisk fails to resume WebRTC call
      from hold (Reported by Vytis Valentinavičius)
 * ASTERISK-23104 - Specifying the SetVar AMI without a Channel
      cause Asterisk to crash (Reported by Joel Vandal)
 * ASTERISK-21930 - [patch]WebRTC over WSS is not working.
      (Reported by John)
 * ASTERISK-23383 - Wrong sense test on stat return code causes
      unchanged config check to break with include files. (Reported by
      David Woolley)
 * ASTERISK-20149 - Crash when faxing SIP to SIP with strictrtp set
      to yes (Reported by Alexandr Gordeev)
 * ASTERISK-17523 - Qualify for static realtime peers does not work
      (Reported by Maciej Krajewski)
 * ASTERISK-21406 - [patch] chan_sip deadlock on monlock between
      unload_module and do_monitor (Reported by Corey Farrell)
 * ASTERISK-23373 - [patch]Security: Open FD exhaustion with
      chan_sip Session-Timers (Reported by Corey Farrell)
 * ASTERISK-23340 - Security Vulnerability: stack allocation of
      cookie headers in loop allows for unauthenticated remote denial
      of service attack (Reported by Matt Jordan)
 * ASTERISK-23311 - Manager - MoH Stop Event fails to show up when
      leaving Conference (Reported by Benjamin Keith Ford)
 * ASTERISK-23420 - [patch]Memory leak in manager_add_filter
      function in manager.c (Reported by Etienne Lessard)
 * ASTERISK-23488 - Logic error in callerid checksum processing
      (Reported by Russ Meyerriecks)
 * ASTERISK-23461 - Only first user is muted when joining
      confbridge with 'startmuted=yes' (Reported by Chico Manobela)
 * ASTERISK-20841 - fromdomain not honored on outbound INVITE
      request (Reported by Kelly Goedert)
 * ASTERISK-22079 - Segfault: INTERNAL_OBJ (user_data=0x6374652f)
      at astobj2.c:120 (Reported by Jamuel Starkey)
 * ASTERISK-23509 - [patch]SayNumber for Polish language tries to
      play empty files for numbers divisible by 100 (Reported by
 * ASTERISK-23103 - [patch]Crash in ast_format_cmp, in ao2_find
      (Reported by JoshE)
 * ASTERISK-23391 - Audit dialplan function usage of channel
      variable (Reported by Corey Farrell)
 * ASTERISK-23548 - POST to ARI sometimes returns no body on
      success (Reported by Scott Griepentrog)
 * ASTERISK-23460 - ooh323 channel stuck if call is placed directly
      and gatekeeper is not available (Reported by Dmitry Melekhov)

Improvements made in this release:
 * ASTERISK-22980 - [patch]Allow building cdr_radius and cel_radius
      against libfreeradius-client (Reported by Jeremy Lainé)
 * ASTERISK-22661 - Unable to exit ChanSpy if spied channel does
      not have a call in progress (Reported by Chris Hillman)
 * ASTERISK-23099 - [patch] WSS: enable ast_websocket_read()
      function to read the whole available data at first and then wait
      for any fragmented packets (Reported by Thava Iyer)

For a full list of changes in this release, please see the ChangeLog:


Thank you for your continued support of Asterisk!

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