[asterisk-announce] Asterisk-Addons 1.4.10,, and Now Available

Asterisk Development Team asteriskteam at digium.com
Wed Dec 2 12:25:58 CST 2009

The Asterisk Development Team has announced several Asterisk-Addons releases,
including Asterisk-Addons 1.4.10,, and These releases are
available for immediate download at

These releases resolve several community reported issues, primarily in the
format_mp3 and res_config_mysql modules.

* Fix audio problems with format_mp3.
   (closes issue #15850. Reported and Tested by 99gixxer. Patched by russell.)

* Fix memory corruption caused by format_mp3.
   (closes several issues. Reported by jvandal, axisinternet, aragon, maxnuv,
    amorson, jensvb, marhbere, thom4fun. Tested by the same plus zerohalo, rgj,

* Fix MP3 problem with Playback() and Background().
   (closes issue #15432. Reported and Tested by DLNoah. Patched by dvossel.)

* Select uncommented lines, not commented ones (res_config_mysql).
   (closes issue #15746. Reported by makoto. Patched by Tilghman.)

For a full list of changes in these releases, please see the ChangeLogs:


Thank you for your continued support of Asterisk!

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