[asterisk-announce] Asterisk Project Security Adivsory Process

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at digium.com
Tue Apr 24 16:14:25 MST 2007

Recent events, including vulnerabilities that were reported and the
subsequent discussions about how they were handled, have made those of
us that manage Asterisk development decide that it is time for the
Asterisk project to have a formal security vulnerability and advisory
reporting process.

Over the next few weeks we will begin to formalize and document this
process on the asterisk.org website, but here are the initial steps we
are taking:

1) We will begin to assign our own advisory numbers and publish our own
advisory reports when security issues are reported to us.

2) All code changes committed to our Subversion repositories will be
tagged with the assigned advisory number, so that anyone can see exactly
what code was affected and in what way, thereby easing the process for
people who cannot upgrade to a new release and want to just backport the
specific fix required for that vulnerability.

3) The advisory reports will include all information that is reported to
us, and all information we learn while verifying and correcting the
problem, including known exploit scripts and code and any other relevant

4) We will attempt, as best we can, to provide an accurate high-level
summary and severity level for each advisory, so that end users can
quickly determine which vulnerabilities they need to be concerned about.

5) We will post our security advisories to (at least) these mailing lists:

	- asterisk-security
	- asterisk-announce
	- asterisk-users
	- asterisk-dev
	- VOIPSEC (voipsec at voipsa.org)
	- bugtraq (bugtraq at securityfocus.com)
	- full-disclosure (full-disclosure at lists.grok.co.uk)
	- vulnwatch (vulnwatch at vulnwatch.org)

6) We will post and archive all our advisories on the asterisk.org
website, and provide an RSS feed for those who wish to watch the
advisory listing page with automated newsreaders.

7) We will include the advisory numbers for every vulnerability that was
addressed in any release of one of our projects.

This process will begin with three vulnerabilities that are being posted
today; these advisories were given advisory numbers ASA-2007-010, -011
and -012. We intentionally skipped -001 through -009 so that we can
review this year's commits and publish official advisories for any other
issues that have already been corrected and not properly reported.

We appreciate everyone who provided their input into the discussions
regarding our previous handling of security advisories. While not
everyone was cordial and courteous with their comments, every opinion
presented to us was taken into account and we are attempting to ensure
that everyone will be satisfied with this new process. Obviously it is
still a work in process and we welcome additional comments and input on
ways that it could be improved.

As always, thanks for supporting Asterisk, Zaptel and the other
Asterisk-related projects!

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