[Asterisk-Announce] Asterisk project converts to Subversion version control system

Asterisk Development Team asteriskteam at digium.com
Mon Nov 28 13:01:34 CST 2005

The Asterisk development team is pleased to announce that we have
migrated our project repositories and development processes over to the
Subversion version control system!

Effective immediately, the primary source code distribution point for
Asterisk, Zaptel and other related projects (other than release tarballs
of course) will be http://svn.digium.com.

The actual SVN repositories are available at http://svn.digium.com/svn,
and there is a ViewCVS web viewer available at
http://svn.digium.com/view. There is a separate repository for each
major project, and each repository is organized in the typical
Subversion fashion... for example, the Asterisk repository is organized
as follows:

http://svn.digium.com/svn/asterisk/trunk (was CVS HEAD)
http://svn.digium.com/svn/asterisk/branches/1.2 (was CVS v1-2)
http://svn.digium.com/svn/asterisk/tags/1.2.0 (was CVS v1-2-0)

Other branches and tags are named similarly. Builds of Asterisk made
from the new repositories will report a 'show version' tag made of the
SVN branch name and the repository revision number that was checked out
(unlike the CVS 'show version' tags which incorporated the date/time of

The 'asterisk-cvs' mailing list has been renamed to 'svn-commits' and
will continue to receive commit messages for the all the major projects
on our SVN server (existing subscriptions are still in effect). In
addition, there are new project specific commit mailing lists as well:


All of these lists are available on lists.digium.com. Additionally, the
commit messages will contain 'X-SVN-Author' and 'X-SVN-Branch' mail
headers to allow you to sort/filter the commit messages in any way you wish.

One of the major benefits of this transition is that we will be opening
up 'developer branches' for Asterisk Development Team members to be able
to work on projects and make them available for public review, testing
and participation; look for another announcement later this week when
that process is ready.

For the near future, we will continue to provide access to source code
via CVS using the same servers/paths that you have previously been
using; once every day, the relevant Subversion branches will be copied
over into CVS and brought up to date. We expect to keep updating CVS
HEAD this way for three to six months; the other branches will be
maintained for six to nine months. However the CVS repositories will be
updated in a single commit each day and will not contain any detailed
revision history for the changes that are made. We encourage all users
to transition to using Subversion for tracking development as soon as

(Special thanks to chipig, sussman, darix, jerenkrantz, eh, mbk and the
others on #svn-dev who helped solve some sticky issues on Saturday
evening of Thanksgiving weekend <G>)

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